Saturday, December 11, 2010

Will the real Jessica Newman, please stand up?!

In September 2003 I married Ty and became Jessica Newman #1.
2 years later, Ty's younger brother, Cole, married another Jessica (left). She became Jessica Newman #2.
In July of this year Ty's brother, Con, married yet another Jessica (center). She became Jessica Newman #3.
My father in law has taken to calling us 1, 2, and 3.
It may be confusing to some, but we know who we are.


Jessica said...

Oh how funny!!! Nice to see a picture of the 3 of you together.
Let's not forget the VERY FIRST - ORGINAL JESSICA of the family of course....that would be ME!!! hahaa

6L's said...

this is so fun, lol! anymore brothers?

Rob and Kate Taylor said...

That's AWESOME... I sure it doesn't happen often but it's similar in our family ... Rob has 2 older brothers and their wives are Angela Marie and Megan Marie and my name is Katelyn Marie ... definately not the same but pretty ironic if you ask me :D