Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Presents!

The kids slept in again this year! We had all of the adults up and ready to go before the kids were awake :)
Max, Mia, and Zackary each had stockings to open and enjoy before the main event. Zack pulled out his little cars and was very happy. It was a merry Christmas for him already.
My mom made massive amounts of hot cocoa and we gathered round the gift pile.
Max opened up a "gun". He had asked Santa for one and luckily Uncle Jamison bought one for him.
Mia had a Christmas full of ponies. Ponies everywhere in all sorts of colors and sizes. She has been busy playing with them all day.
My sister in law, Stephanie, got all sorts of fun things from my brother Josh.
Josh got a few gifts as well. Stephanie likes him :)
Jamison got all sorts of high tech gadgets that are supposedly very amazing and life altering.
My Grandma Crawford was here as well. She was our ribbon and bow collector after the packages had been opened.
Mia got some really fun books to read later today.
and I got all 3 Twilight movies and my very own Edward doll.
Mock all you like. I am very happy :)

After presents we spent the next few hours cleaning and scrubbing and getting ready for family pictures and the big Christmas brunch!

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