Thursday, December 30, 2010

Houses, Flights, and New Year's

We did a little more house hunting yesterday in Beaumont. Between the two days of searching we have found 2 houses that we really like and are working on making an offer.
In the meantime Ty had to catch a last minute flight to Sacramento today to take care of some licensing catastrophe. It is a quick trip and he will be home again tomorrow, but we are both a little bummed that the money and time had to be spent :(
The kids and I are getting ready for New Year's Eve. We bought the party poppers and noisemakers. I am working on some fun games and movies for our evening. I still need to get some martinellis for Ty and I, but we are almost ready for 2011 :)
I always look forward to New Year's. It is a time to celebrate the old and get excited for the new. 2010 was a great year. We enjoyed the last of our time in Tennessee. We spent a lot of the year planning for the future. Ty graduated and we secured a job. In 2011 we are hoping to buy a home. We can't wait to be a part of our own ward again and see what callings we will be challenged with. We are in a much warmer climate now than we have been for a long time and I am hoping to spend a lot of 2011 outside with the kids. I hope we buy a grill and do lots of outside cooking this summer!
I want 2011 to be a wonderful year for us. I am going to try and do my part to make it the best it can be!

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The Karrens said...

Good luck with the house hunting. It feels so nice to be moving forward with life.