Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holly Jolly

It's the weekend and the days are flying by!
We arrived at my parents house 3 days ago and we have been SO busy.
I got Max signed up for school so that he will be ready to go after Christmas break. He will be going to school at the same place that I went to kindergarten!
I got a gym membership at the 24 hour fitness just around the corner. My treadmill is in storage :( but I am really enjoying all of the different equipment the gym has to offer :)
I started baking and menu planning. Lots of parties and events coming up.
We introduced the kids to their great grandparents.
We decided that we wanted everyone to match in the family picture we will be taking on Christmas and I realized that my family has nothing to wear.
After much debate we only need 2 black shirts and one pair of jeans to make the dream happen.

Ty and I are going out on a little lunch date today. I am looking forward to sitting still and enjoying the moments.
Tonight we are breaking out the Christmas movies. I am thinking "It's A Wonderful Life" must make an appearance!

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