Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Polar Bears

It is December 22nd. 3 days to go!
It has been raining like never before here in southern California. My parents pool is overflowing and this morning Ty and my younger brother, Jamison, decided they should join the polar bears for a swim.
(It has been about 50 degrees here, which for socal is very chilly!)
Ty was super excited for the challenge but Jamison was less willing.
Ty eventually talked him into the plunge.
I don't really know why holding hands was necessary.
Here they go!
The splash ended up being much bigger than we thought and Zackary was standing right in the tidal zone. He was soaked and terrified. Poor little guy.
We had towels ready. Everyone got changed and warmed. I still think they are crazy.
It's just a typical California Christmas at our house!

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