Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cousins and Christmas

Today we had our first big Christmas celebration with Ty's family. The cousins began arriving in the early afternoon. Mia was giddy.
Zackary got into the spirit of things and stole candy canes off of the Christmas tree. When everyone was ready we headed to the church for our party. We had chili with all of the fixins.
After dinner the kids decorated sugar cookies.
Max decorated a stocking and a tree. He chose all chocolate candies for his cookies. Just my style :)
Then he shared his cookies with Mia, who was too busy driving a toy bus around the gym to decorate a cookie of her own.
All of the cousins put on a little Christmas nativity play. Max, Mia, and Ali were sheep. Zac was supposed to be the star, but he refused. Grey was a shepherd. Law, Graham, and Cai were the wise men. Kooper and Tali were angels. Taycee was Mary. Gavin was Joseph, and baby Ashton stood in for the baby Jesus. It was adorable. Everyone did great!
It was a wonderful afternoon. We are very blessed.

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