Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at a wonderful Christmas Party. My friend Catherine was there with her husband, Ryan, and she had toys for my kids to play with. It was the perfect distraction!
Dinner was a mexican feast! There were chips and salsa, chile rellenos, enchiladas, tacos, tamales, beans, rice, and corn pudding. It was all so yummy :)

Ty and I thought the tamales were the best! I love my hubby. He is just so jolly.
Catherine and Ryan. Newlyweds ;)

Kathy, Josh and Steph.
After dinner Catherine set up a little game of pin the nose on Rudolph. Ryan helped blindfold the kids.
Rudolph the noseless reindeer.
I guess he missed.
Nope! He found just the right spot!
Aunt Robyn showered Max and Mia with gifts and prizes. They will love her forever!
Zackary decided that was enough party and had himself a little pillow fight.
We had a little Christmas program with lots of singing and musical numbers. Mia fell asleep in Ty's lap. It was so sweet.
I haven't performed in years but somehow they convinced me to be part of this little quartet. Bishop Haimson, Jamison, me, and Catherine. I used to sing with Catherine all the time when we were growing up so it was fun to sing with her again tonight.
Bob closed the program with the Christmas story from Luke and then we all ate way too much peppermint ice cream.
At home we talked about Jesus and the wonderful gifts that we have been given because of Him. It was a wonderful Christmas Eve!

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