Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Journey Part 2

We had an amazing time in Utah! The weather could not have been better. It was beautiful. I got to see my youngest brother who lives in Provo. He treated us to a little Taco Time. We got to spend an evening with our long time friends the Robisons and enjoy some home cooked peruvian food. We had a fabulous Christmas celebration with Ty's family. It was remarkable in many ways ;)
I got to see one of my newest nieces be blessed. I got to carry around said new niece and drool over her cuteness. We were showered with love and kindness. Ty passed his boards and became a CRNA! We celebrated with lunch at Dalton's. was time to say goodbye.
In honor of our departure it started to snow..... a lot! At least it waited until our final night!
We loaded the car and drove away on Wednesday morning. My little X-Terra was completely full. We were like sardines. We kept the kids happy with games, toys, books, and movies. We stopped in St. George for lunch and a visit with Ty's grandparents. We were all very spoiled and left with a big box of Christmas Candy! We left St. George and drove through Nevada and Las Vegas. Ty and I got engaged just outside of Vegas so we always reminisce as we drive by. We made a stop in Baker for gas and then drove straight through to Redlands!
My parents house is all decorated for Christmas and they have really gone out of their way to get ready for the kids. We are so glad to be done with the driving! (3000 miles total!)
We are thankful to be safe. We are thankful to be together. We are thankful for Ty's new job. We are thankful for our wonderful supportive families, and we are thankful for our Savior Jesus Christ and this wonderful Christmas season!

9 days until Christmas! :)


The Karrens said...

Glad you made it safely and had fun while getting to your new destination. Congrats to Ty. It feels good to be starting a new adventure doesn't it? Merry Christmas! We are attending a cookie party this weekend and I can't help but remember the one you had last year and how yummy everything was. My mouth is watering just thinking about all your yummy cokkies. Have a great week and Merry Christmas!

Bingham Family said...

I hope you waved my direction as you drove through Nevada. That is a LONG drive. Well done. Congrats on the the new job and good luck with everything. Oh...I'm just mailing your Christmas card to your mom's house... hope that's OK. Merry Christmas!!!!

6L's said...

glad you made it safely. i've missed your posts :)