Friday, November 5, 2010

Zack in a box

We have a healthy supply of boxes. I am trying to pack one a day. The kids are using them to make forts and cars. Zackary used one while he watched "Little Einsteins". It was his very own rocket :)
Inside the box he had drinks and snacks. Perfect tv watching supplies. This morning, however, we found Ty's toothbrush inside of it. Zackary declined to offer an explanation.


Bingham Family said...

Boxes are the BEST toy! When I am feeling really tired and want to kids to have some fun that is low key for mommy... I hit the nearest sears or home depot for BIG boxes. Just hand them the crayons and it is amazing to see what they turn their boxes into. You have a very cute Zac in the box!

Robert and Lisa said...

I hope Ty got a new toothbrush after that discovery!