Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pottery Barn

Ty and I took Mia and Zackary to the Green Hills mall today. It was raining and it is one of our favorite rainy day getaways. Ty went straight to the apple store and I took the kids to the Pottery Barn Kids store. It is a place where dreams are made :)
This cottage/bunk bed is beyond perfect for my little Mia! I am thinking that my extremely talented husband should make one just like it.
He should also make one of these.
My boys need something great too.

I had very much fun putting together my dream house. Mia had very much fun playing with the dollhouse that was on display. I had to stop Zac from crashing into all of the expensive furniture with the miniature shopping cart he found, and Ty enjoyed some alone time with technology. It was fun for everyone :)

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Bingham Family said...

Holy Cow I am in love with that little girl bunk bed!!! If Ty makes one for you, just have him cut out two while he's at it. :)