Monday, November 1, 2010


November has arrived!
I love this month. I love the Thanksgiving holiday. What a wonderful time to count our blessings and reflect on all that we have to be thankful for. Tonight for family home evening we will be talking about having an "attitude of gratitude". We will be making a thankful tree and filling it with the things we are most thankful for. The tree will be on display all month and hopefully we can add to it as the month goes on.

I am making these pumpkin bie bars for our treat. We are pumpkin pie junkies at our house!

Some of my thankfuls include:

my family
the gospel
tender mercies
little victories
the scriptures
educational resources
my calling
nursery leaders
primary teachers
the prophet (and other church leaders!)
a wonderful husband
working cars
and each new day

I hope everyone is looking forward to a wonderful month! Remember it's all about having an Attitude of Gratitude! Look for the little blessings in every day :)

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Jessica Newman said...

You are such an amazing woman! I am definitely going to work on having an attitude of gratitude!