Friday, November 12, 2010

Event Planning

2 weeks left before Thanksgiving day!
I am still working on our menu. I have the pies planned and I know that I will be dry brining our turkey, but I haven't decided on all of the side dishes yet. I am working on activities and decorations to make the day special.
(I am loving these oreo turkeys for the kids! Oreos seem to make an appearance at all special events around here!)

This month is flying by! I am thankful to have Ty home safe from his trip and I am thankful for the weekend. We are making a trip to the mall tomorrow for Santa's arrival and then we will have to start listening to Christmas music :)
Hurray for the holidays!

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6L's said...

this turkey oreo is super cute! looks a little tedious so maybe i'll just make one for each of the kids, lol! i know they will love it and then gobble, gobble, gobble it up! ;)