Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's Wednesday! It has been a cold and rain filled week so far. This morning I took the kids to Panera before school for some bagels and hot chocolate. Max and Mia ran to find seats while I ordered. I found them sitting in the big lounge chairs in front of the fireplace. It was perfect! Max and Mia stayed cozy by the fire, ate yummy cinnamon crunch bagels, and sipped warm hot chocolate. I tried to keep Zackary from getting into too much trouble. Max went to school with a cinnamon covered face, but he was happy and excited to tell his friends about his bagel filled breakfast adventure :)
I took Zac and Mia for a little Goodwill shopping. I found some great cords for myself, some jeans for Mia, and pants and shirts for Zackary. He was really the one who needed clothes! We made a quick stop at the grocery store for milk, bread, and apples (necessities!) and finally made it home just in time for Zac to fall asleep. I put him down for a nap and set Mia up with all of her "babies" for some play time. I got on the phone and didn't put it down for 2 hours. I made some lunch for the kids and attempted to make some gooey salted caramel brownies. The results are uncertain at the moment. Now I am listening to some Josh Groban Christmas music while I plan some more activities for Thanksgiving day! I hope everyone is having a great week!
Here is a little Zac attack to liven up your afternoon :)

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