Saturday, November 13, 2010

The arrival

This morning we took the kids down to the Galleria mall for Santa's arrival. We had to wait in a line that made me think of "A Christmas Story" movie. It was SO long. But Max and Mia were willing to wait. Mia told Santa that she wanted chocolate for Christmas. She is so easy to please :)
Max told Santa that he wanted superheroes, a helicopter, and candy.
Zackary refused to see Santa.
He was much more intrigued by this display of bouncy balls.
The balls were a big hit with everyone, actually! They were filled with glitter and lit up when bounced. (The long flowy hair behind Max is Mia!)

We did a little more shopping and I found the land of Ugg boots. It was a very happy place and I was sad to leave it ;)
There were lots of Christmas decorations and holiday music playing. I even bought a little See's candy. It was a very merry morning!

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