Thursday, September 9, 2010

The theme is: Cookies!

This morning Mia and I read "If you give a mouse a cookie".
We colored pictures of cookies and counted chocolate chips.
Then we did a little baking.
I measured out the ingredients in little bowls so that Mia could help. We used this recipe:
Hot chocolate chip cookies (secret ingredient being: hot chocolate packets!)
Zackary sat in a little chair in the kitchen and could not figure out how to get down. Poor baby. He was appeased with a bottle of milk and some arrowroot cookies :)

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Bingham Family said...

Jessica, I haven't been able to check your blog for a while. Brett put some spyware and some other child protective software on our computer... long story short... It wouldn't let me onto your site. Some of your recipies must be "adult." Hee hee. Looks like fun and I love your pre-school ideas. Ben and I are going to have to find that book at the library just to have an excuse to make some cookies. Have a happy day!