Friday, September 10, 2010

Rainy Days!

This morning the sky was dark gray. I was sure the storm was on it's way. It started drizzling as we were taking Max to school, and by the time we got home it had really started raining. Soon it was pouring!
We had a plan for our rainy day. Mia and Zac have been in the apartment with a sick mommy all week and today was their day for fun. We went to Peek-A-Boo Playtown!
I think it was perfect for a 3 and one year old. They both had a great time and we ended up staying three hours before Zac showed desperate need of a nap.
We arrived early so there were just a few other children playing. This was ideal for Zac, because he could play with the trains and do things that the big kids normally don't let him do.
Mia loved it. It was perfect for her little creative self. There was a little grocery store with carts and food, a playhouse with dolls and a kitchen, a firehouse with a firetruck and a firedog, a dollhouse, dress-up, and plenty of space to run.
Zac spent most of the time pushing around this little car. He is easily amused.
It was really nice to be out of the house and spend such a happy fun time together. I love to play with the kids away from the laundry and dishes. It seems like so much more fun!

Looking forward to our rainy afternoon :)

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Bingham Family said...

What a fun idea for a rainy day!