Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Here and There and Everywhere

My mom is in town for the week. We are having a great time. The kids are getting spoiled and I am loving the company.
Today we went down to West End. We spent some time touring the Whole Foods. It is such a fun store! We bought some fresh ground honey roasted peanut butter, real maple syrup, and some yummy bread. Next we stopped by the mall and visited the Pottery Barn Kids store. Mia loves looking at the dolls and sitting at the little table and chairs. I had to stop by William Sonoma and show my mom everything that I wanted. We went to Stride-Rite to buy Zac some birthday shoes for his chubby little feet! We had to buy a 6 1/2. Just a few months ago we bought him a pair of 5 1/2. Hopefully this new pair will last him until Christmas! After playing at the book store we had some lunch at Kalamata's. They have delicious greek food. My mom and I had salads while Zac and Mia ate roasted potatoes and pita bread. Very delish :)
The kids were exhausted and fell asleep on the drive home. I made the birthday cake for Zackary's 1st birthday tomorrow. I decided to keep it simple. I made a chocolate banana sheet cake with milk chocolate frosting. I can't wait to watch Zac make a mess of it tomorrow night! (Happy early birthday Zac! I love you!)
It was a great day.....and to top it off!!! My mom watched the kids for us so we could go out on a little dinner date :)
We went to Texas Roadhouse for some ribs. They were very meaty. I felt very carnivorous. Ty and I talked and laughed. I just love that man!
Looking forward to celebrating tomorrow!

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Heather said...

Hi Jessica!
My mom just arrived in town to visit us last night. I love it when my mom comes to visit too! It's always nice to have that helping hand with the munchkins. Your shopping adventure sounds like ours too. Don't you love William Sonoma and Whole Foods? I could probably spend all day in both. :)
Have a great time with your mom and Happy Birthday to your little guy!