Thursday, September 2, 2010


Ty had the day off. He took Max to school for me. He drove me to the store. It was like having my own personal assistant :)
While we were at the store, Ty saw a Boston Creme Pie and said that he would like to eat one. I thought I could make one so I spent the morning baking. Later, we picked Max up from school and went to the library. Max and Mia picked out a few movies to watch. I checked out a huge pile of books to read at bedtime, and one cookbook completely dedicated to macaroni and cheese. On the way home Ty said that he wanted clam chowder for dinner and thought we should stop by the store for some clams. I am always looking for inspiration in the kitchen so when Ty offers a suggestion I am usually happy to oblige. At home I was back at the stove. I made a loaf of Boston brown bread to go with our Boston style clam chowder. Everything was really delicious. We finished dinner and Ty mentioned the Boston creme pie we had sitting in the fridge for dessert. We really didn't plan on having a theme dinner. It just worked out that way! Neither of us has ever been to Boston, but we had a tribute anyway.
Here's to Boston and pie, or is it cake?

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