Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A is for Apple

I am jumping on the bandwagon and doing a little home preschooling with Mia while Max is at school. This morning we had our first lesson: Apples and the letter A.
First I set out the different apples and Mia counted them. There were 4. One Gala, one Braeburn, one Sonya, and one Fuji. We talked about where apples come from. We talked about different ways to eat apples and different ways to cook apples. We discussed the letter "A" and the sounds that it makes.

Next we read an apple themed story book. This one is actually one of our favorites to read anytime, "Apple Farmer Annie".
Finally we had a little taste test. Mia wanted to dive right in and eat a whole apple without cutting it into slices. She picked the Braeburn and the verdict was: delicious :)

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The Blaisdell's said...

After having been live in Nanny with our niece and then daily childcare with here for her first 3-4 years we are truly seeing the benefits of "home school pre-k" Megan entered in to kindergarten able to read, spell her name as well as aunt, uncle, mommy, grammy, and poppy. She could pick out all those letters from letters scattered on the table.

The more I hear about her having a great time in school but laughing at the simplicity of her spelling words I know that we accomplished some good things.

This last summer when she was here we started teaching her history and art and at first grade she is reading at a 3rd and 4th grade level and her comprehension is right there as well.

It really has definitive benefits.