Friday, September 17, 2010

Are You Ready!?

For some seriously sweet Halloween ideas!
First....I love these candy jars! Candy corn becomes pumpkin teeth and yogurt pretzels are bones. Not too disgusting. I would still eat them :)
A little sinister love potion
Be careful who you give that to (te hee!)
I love decorating for fall and Halloween, but I am really not into the gross and gory, so I loved this simple idea with the pumpkins and the tree.
If I had a fireplace I might decorate it like this.
I have a stove. Maybe I can decorate the top of my stove.
This is the cutest idea ever! Pumpkin candy bracelets strung together with needle and thread with cute ribbon to tie it all together. Mia is getting one for sure!
Halloween countdown - candy advent calendar.
The kiddos are gonna love it :)

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Bingham Family said...

so cute! I can't wait to get started with some of these ideas!!!