Friday, June 11, 2010

Touch A Truck

The weather in Nashville today could be described as : Hazy, Hot, and Humid. Not exactly a great combination for outdoor activity, but despite the heat we arrived at Moss Wright park just in time for the Touch A Truck event. There were all types of vehicles; swat cars, army jeeps, fire engines, tractors, an ambulance, and even the Nashville party bus! The kids were able to climb on and get a close look at each of the "trucks".
I was attracted to this sleek black S.W.A.T unit.
Max climbed in and pretended to be on one of those C.S.I shows.
Next up were the army jeeps and vehicles. Time for G.I. Max!
By this time I was sweating profusely and my hair was stuck to my forehead, but it was worth it to see Max in this army helmet.
He looks so pleased to be in position just behind this large machine gun. Must have something to do with his genetic makeup ;)

Last of all we visited the farm equipment. Max loved the tractor. He still sings along to the "Big Green Tractor" song. Maybe one day he will be a farmer.

Mia was finally willing to give things a try.
As I said before, it was HOT! We were ready to cool off with some nice A/C and....

All gone!
All tuckered out.

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