Monday, June 21, 2010


Today is the summer solstice. Today we get to enjoy more sunlight than any other day of the year has to offer. Today we get to celebrate ME!
It's my birthday! Hurray for another year.
Here are 27 things I have done in 27 years;

1. married my best friend
2. had 3 beautiful babies
3. moved to Nashville, Tennessee
4. line danced at the Wildhorse Saloon
5. tried "Sprinkles" cupcakes....and Loved them!
6. bought a car
7. sold a car
8. bought a house
9. sold a house
10. mastered the chocolate chip cookie
11. ate lobster on the beach in Mexico
12. learned to shoot a gun
13. watched the entire "Gilmore Girls" series....more than once :)
14. attended 3 different universities and earned "0" degrees
15. started a blog
16. became a runner
17. ate Kentucky Fried Chicken in Kentucky
18. hiked the "Y"
19. Saw "Y" mountain on fire....twice
20. went to a monster truck rally
21. played in the ocean with my babies
22. attended sessions at the Salt Lake, Timp., Provo, L.A., Redlands, West Jordan, and Nashville temples.
23. lost a close friend to death
24. learned to live on a budget
25. learned to make Grandma Newman's caramels
26. drove across the country
27. cooked Thanksgiving dinner on my own

and here are 27 things I'd like to do in the years to come;

1. visit more temples
2. buy another house
3. help my boys become eagle scouts
4. send my boys on missions
5. help my daughter get her young women's medallion
6. see her married in the temple (see boys married in temple too!)
7. sleep in
8. run a marathon
9. write a cookbook
10. go to Peru with Ty
11. go to New York with Ty
12. rent a beach house with the fam
13. visit Chelsea Market in New York
14. see the "flying" fish in Seattle
15. take the kids to see the lights at temple square
16. teach Mia to make Grandma Newman's caramels
17. buy Ty a sports car
18. eat a sticky bun from the Flour bakery in Boston
19. learn to drive a motorcycle
20. meet Ree Drummond
21. make our home a place where the spirit can be felt
22. study photography
23. have laser eye surgery
24. eat tomatoes grown in our own garden
25. learn to do a fishtail braid
26. serve a mission with Ty
27. be the best partner to Ty in all of his endeavors

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Rob and Kate Taylor said...

I can teach you #25 on your list todo ... if we are thinking of the samething of course.