Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Ty and the babies....
Ty became a dad/father on August 19th, 2005. 2 became 3 and we were very happy.
Ty worked hard to support us.

Mia joined our family on October 4, 2007. She had a rough start and spent some time in the NICU.
Ty had a special place in his heart for this little girl right from the beginning.

Zackary was born just last year on September 22nd.
He loves his daddy.
He reaches for him when he sees him walk through the door.
Ty is a great father. When I was young and thought about the man that I would marry I just wanted him to be a righteous leader that would be able to give our children blessings when they needed them.
Ty is always ready and willing to give blessings to our children when they need them. He is my perfect partner.

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