Thursday, June 3, 2010

Goin' Dutch

On the way to our vacation destination in the mountains last weekend, I purchased one cast iron dutch oven.
I put it to use on Monday and made potatoes for our Memorial Day BBQ. On Tuesday I tried it out on the stovetop and made kid-friendly sloppy joe's. Wednesday I filled it with oil and fried up some chicken. All 3 experiments were successful and I am loving my little cast iron friend. I wish I could afford to buy a few more!
Today I took Mia and Zac downtown to the farmer's market. We bought strawberries, potatoes, beets, and peaches. Fresh peaches for the Thursday dutch oven project : Peach Cobbler! (Not to be confused with the peach crunch cake I made last month)
Hot out of the oven..cinnamon sugar crackle topping
In the whipped cream
In the bowl....mucho whipped cream :)

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