Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sleeping Beauty?

Last night I got all 3 kids to sleep at a reasonable hour. I was exhausted and I went straight to bed in hopes of getting some good rest before starting a new day.
First Max woke up crying. I went in to comfort him and realized he wasn't really awake. I rubbed his little head and got him back to sleep. His crying woke up Zackary. I just had to give him a binkie to get him back to sleep. I crawled back to my bed and fell asleep on my face. Later Max woke up crying again. I got him back to sleep again. I went back to bed again. Next Zac was up and hungry. I fed him and put him back to bed. Before I could get back to bed, Mia woke up crying. Mia was easily soothed and I fell asleep once more. Then Max came in to tell me he had wet the bed :(
I got up and stripped his sheets. I made a bed for him on the floor and gave him a new pair of underpants. I checked the clock.... 4:20 am. I got into bed once more, and before I could get back to sleep Zac was up. He just needed a little cuddling to get back to bed, but I was done. I was finished fighting and I was getting up!
I made a lunch for Ty to take to work and then I hit the treadmill. I watched Gossip Girl while I ran. When I finished I was a sweaty mess, but I felt wide awake and ready for the day. So much for being awakened with a kiss.
Maybe I will get a good night smooch later ;)

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