Saturday, September 22, 2012

Zackary Turns 3

 Today is Zackary's 3rd birthday!!!
We started the day with donuts. I put a candle in his and we sang Happy Birthday.
He was so excited to have a day just for him :)
We had a little get together in the evening. We put on some music and party hats.
 Even Zoey ;)
 Mia, Max, and Zack, waited for their grandparents to show up, because really, Ty and I are just not exciting enough on our own.
I put together a little spread of chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers, and pizza...because this party was all about Zac.
We made a sign so that everyone would know.
I covered the dining room table with craft paper and set out little jars of crayons. It was a big hit and made cleaning up super easy.
 There was cake. I used THIS recipe to make a chocolate-pumpkin cake frosted with cinnamon buttercream. It was a mess, but tasted awesome.
I decorated the cake with characters from Cars and Toy Story.
 I absolutely love this picture, because of Zack's sweet little face. I didn't know he was so excited.
 We sang Happy Birthday again.
Zac blew out the candles and then I had to hurry and wash off all of the little toys so that he could start playing with them while the rest of us ate cake.

Happy Birthday Zac!

Facts about Zac.....

Zac's full name is spelled zacKary. I chose to spell his name with a "K" and not an "H". I stand by my decision even though no one else seems to be aware that this is the case.

Zac always says thank-you. 

Zac loves to say the prayer at dinner.

Zac loves going to bed at night and asks to go to bed. (I just wish we could get him to stay there. Most nights he wakes up and wanders out to the couch at some point during the night.)

Zac does not enjoy nursery.

Zac does enjoy nutella.

Zac loves his toys and he loves to watch movies.

His favorite books are "No David" and "David Gets in Trouble". He could listen to them all day long!

Zac is a wonderful boy. He is learning and growing every day and I am so thankful for him. He has been very challenging at times, but I am glad for the opportunity to help him become all that he can be. I love you Zac :)


Jessica said...

Happy Happy Birthday Zac!
I would have totally spelled his named with the K too! I've never understood the H either. Good choice! :)
Looks like a great birthday!

Jessica Newman said...

Happy Birthday to Zackary!! What a cutie!