Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More Things

1. Zackary and Zoey were both up at 6 this morning. It was still dark out and very cool. They each had a drink and went back to bed. Their own ideas not mine! They woke up at about 7:30 in the happiest moods :)

2. Ty got a pre-paid credit card from Verizon for some reason. I am sure he knows, but I didn't ask where the free money came from. He gave the card to me and I bought BOOTS! 

3. I drank my first hot chocolate of the season this morning. It made me very happy. Inside and out!

4. Max and Mia had dentist appointments yesterday. They did fabulous. The only bad part was when the dentist pointed out to me in his x-ray that Max's grown up teeth will be coming in seriously crooked. No time like the present to start saving for braces!

5. Mia is singing with the school choir, the Sundance Singers. Their first performance will be in October and they will be singing "Ghostbusters"! I can't wait :)

Happy Wednesday!

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Jessica Newman said...

we enjoyed our first hot chocolates today also! I just LOVE cooler weather!