Monday, September 3, 2012

Forest Falls

 We are loving our long weekend! Ty has been home for all of it. (extra smiles!)
My parents recently moved to a small mountain community called Forest Falls. Today we went to see the new house.
 We took advantage of the surroundings and enjoyed a little hiking.
 This is Max enjoying the shade.
 The older 3 went exploring over the rocks and into the water.
We got Zack and Mia to take their shoes off first, but Max just walked right in, shoes and all.
 This is the very bottom of the waterfall.
We weren't really interested in taking the kids to the top.
 Max climbed all of the trees he could.
 Zoey was once again a carry-on item in a backpack.
She was great!
(I love this happy little picture of her!)
 I guess Max did eventually take his shoes off.
 We were worried that Zack was going to fall in.
My dad was actually wading in with him to keep him safe :)
 I love this picture of Ty. I made him smile.
I think we have quite a few pictures now of Ty with carrying Zoey (or Zack when he was smaller) in this backpack.
 The cameo shot of Ty and I.
(proof that I was there too)

After our nature walk we headed back to my parent's cabin.
They have a pretty awesome view through some beautiful windows.
 Zoey had her face pressed up against the windows and watched all of the cars go by.
 All of the rocks for the fireplace were local. My parents picked out a few themselves while they were out hiking.
 My mom's new kitchen is beautiful!
I envy her stove.
 and her copper farmhouse sink.
and the beautiful tile backsplash that she insists is very manly, but I think is gorgeous!
We had a nice Labor Day BBQ and then drove back down the mountain to the heat of the valley.

Congratulations Mom and Dad!
We love the new place!
Christmas is going to be awesome ;)


Bingham Family said...

What fun! And woo hoo for your parents new home. Tell them hi from us!

Jessica Newman said...

oh wow that kitchen looks fabulous! It would be so fun to bake there on a snowy winter day! :)