Saturday, September 29, 2012


 Yesterday was the first awards assembly of the year at the kid's school.
Mia received an award for being kind to EVERYONE and for always doing great work.
 Mia's friend, Owen (that cute smiley little guy on the right!), from school and church got an award as well.
(btw: it was brown day in kindergarten. That is why Mia is dressed so very brown.)
 These kindergartners were so happy to receive their awards. It is such a small thing, but it means so much to them!
After Mia's assembly and a quick smoothie break I was back at the school for another round of awards.
 This time it was the second graders and Max being honored!
 Their principle is totally awesome :)
Good job Max!
I am so glad this year is off to such a great start!

(also....I am blaming the terrible pictures on my camera and not on myself.)


Jessica Newman said...

How fun! what was Max's award for?

Sheffeazy said...

Mia is NEVER Nice to me. Her award is a lie!