Monday, September 24, 2012


1. The weekend flew by and Monday is here with it's to do list and laundry piles!

2. I think Zoey is getting a tooth. It's either that or she is possessed.

3. Trader Joe's honey tastes the best of all the honey.
4. Max and Mia were both very disappointed with their lunches today. I feel like they should eat a nice variety of foods, but all they want is pepperoni pizza lunchables.
I stopped by the store after dropping them off so that tomorrow I can be a hero.

5. I need to bake some cookies. 2 batches. One for Ty
I used to think pumpkin cookies were a Utah thing, because I had never had them or heard of them before I moved to Utah for college. I think, however, they are just a Ty thing :)
(recipe HERE)
and one for the kids and I
York Peppermint Patty Cookies (HERE)
because, Yes. 

Happy Monday.....and last week of September.....and hopefully cooler weather!

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