Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday Things

1.  THIS granola from Sally's Baking Addiction is probably my most favorite granola recipe.
It calls for peanut butter, but I like to use almond butter....really shakes things up!

2. Last night, before her dance class, Mia was dressed and ready to go. She came into my room and asked if i could help the little princess (referring to herself) get a toy down from her closet. She then proceeded to curtsy and twirl. I love her girliness!

3. There are far too many fabulous recipes on the internet. My pinterest boards are bursting and I am trying to keep my jeans from doing the same. That being said....
I pinned THESE cookies this morning
Bittersweet chocolate chip cookies!
Surely there is room in my day for one or two :)

4. Max wants to be one of the Ninjago ninjas for Halloween. I keep trying to convince him that he wants to be a jedi (because I have the costume). So far ninjago is winning.

5. Zackary is turning 3 on Saturday. We are celebrating with a little party at home. It seems to be all things Pixar....Cars, Monsters Inc., and Toy Story.

Happy Thursday!

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