Wednesday, April 18, 2012


1. Mia is still loving her ballet classes, and Wednesdays in general. My mom comes out on Wednesday mornings and takes her to ballet and then out to lunch after. It's serious girl time! I love hearing about their outings when they come home!

2. Max also loves Wednesdays, but he loves them because the school day is shorter than usual. Max is currently finishing off the last of 6 chocolate chip cookies. I made them using ground almond meal rather than flour. He asked if the cookies had nuts in them and I said no (It was sort of lying.....well really lying) but he is loving the cookies regardless of the hidden almonds!

3. Zackary enjoys a green monster smoothie for breakfast every day. He is our best eater and I love that I can feed him spinach for breakfast. It makes me feel like a good mom :)

4. Ty and I are planning another little beach getaway with the kids. This time we want to take the train to Monterey and check out the bay and the aquarium. ( we just really love visiting those places! )

5. I spent a little time online shopping today. It was awesome and did wonderful things for my mood!

6. I finished season one of Downton Abbey on Netflix. Is that the only season available right now?

7. Halfway to the weekend! Woo-Hoo :)

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