Monday, April 23, 2012

A new week

1. We had a great weekend! Saturday night was movie night at our house. We ordered pizza and Max, Mia, and Zack all sat through the film. Sunday we had a dinner party with some friends. I made kebobs and 3 kinds of ice cream!

2. I somehow managed to injure/strain my left wrist/arm. I am living on advil right now and trying not to use the arm very much. The whole not using my arm thing is not going so well. Hopefully the advil will help and the pain will go away soon!

3. After a very warm week last week, and a sunny weekend as well, this morning began with fog and cold! It is the perfect day to stay inside, light the fires, do some baking, and enjoy a little cocoa.

4. I started Zoey on a few solid foods last week. She seems to really enjoy them. She gets really full after a meal of rice cereal and fruit and then goes to bed for several hours. Living the dream :)

5. I finally bought a new bathing suit for this summer. I haven't bought a new bathing suit in 7 years. Hopefully I can make this one last for just as long, because I kind of hate buying bathing suits.

6. Poor Max was kind of a mess this morning. He was tired, didn't want to eat, and still had a fat lip from falling off the trampoline this weekend. He was so bummed that he had to go to school on such a gray and gloomy day. I hope his day gets better soon! I have some surprises planned for the afternoon to help brighten his day if his friends at school don't do the trick.

Happy Monday!

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