Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Important Information

1. The batteries in my camera are dead. Maybe I will replace them tomorrow.

2. I filled all of the Easter eggs today. I didn't think I had much to fill the eggs with, but I ended up filling 87 eggs. I hope Max, Mia, and Zackary appreciate all of this! (Zoey will have to pass on the hunt this year, maybe next time when she can walk!)

3. Ty has a day off tomorrow. I am excited to use him for driving kids to and from school, running errands, lifting heavy items at Costco, eating tacos for lunch, and of course showering him with love and devotion :)

4. I am out of granola, I am trying out THIS RECIPE as soon as I have time!

5. Ty hooked everything up in my exercise room so that I have access to all of the Netflix shows. I have been working my way through the last few seasons of Gossip Girl. I am really enjoying Nate and Chuck / my workouts :)

Happy Wednesday!

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