Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Easter Hunt

 I sent Ty out this morning to hide Easter eggs in the back yard.
The kids were all upstairs and they had no idea what was going on.
After cinnamon rolls for breakfast everyone got their baskets/buckets ready to fill full of eggs.
 It is hilarious to watch everyone walk right past the eggs.
(look at the window ledge!)
Zackary needed a little help :)
 Max seemed to do alright on his own.

 Ty thought we needed to take a little video of Zackary. He was so cute and enthusiastic about the whole thing.
 When all the eggs had been found everyone headed inside to check out their loot.
I mentioned earlier that I was doing a candy-free hunt this year and it was a big success.
The kids were very pleased with all of the fun little surprises. (I did manage to throw in a few jelly belly and reeses peanut butter cup filled eggs, just for good measure!)
Zackary's favorite find was the little bubble packs. He has been trying to get  Ty and I to blow bubbles for him all morning!
We are looking forward to church and dinner with family and friends this afternoon!

Happy Easter!

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