Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Morning Madness and My Little Ones!

Today is a minimum day at Max's school. He usually doesn't start his school day until 10, but today he needed to be there by 7:50. It was quite the hustle at our house this morning, but good practice for next year! I made a quick batch of banana muffins and we were out the door. Traffic around the school was crazy! Like I said, we usually arrive much later, and all of the morning kids are already at school and there are hardly any cars around. This morning was much different and I had to drop Max off in a different spot than he is used to. I was just about to drive off when I saw Max running to the car with tears in his eyes. I left the car running and jumped out to rescue him. Forget the no stopping any time sign that was right next to us. I held his hand and walked him to his classroom. He just got a little turned around and needed a little help.
Mia and Zac and I had a quick prayer for Max before we left. I hope his day gets better soon! It can be so hard to be 5!

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Bingham Family said...

Oh poor Max! I always feel a little sad dropping my kids off and I miss them all day! Well done getting out the door... that is early.