Monday, April 11, 2011

The Front Yard, and the Drive Way

 It has been a long time since we have had a yard to enjoy. 
Yesterday afternoon the kids brought their little vehicles outside to play. They love to ride them up and down the drive way and along the sidewalk.
 Zackary pushed his little car up to the top of the drive so that he could sail all the way down right into the street. He didn't seem to hear me saying that he was not supposed to go into the street.
 Sometimes his car got away from him and he would have to chase after it!
 Mia is finally riding on her little trike and it is much too small for her now. She has a bigger bike that my parents got for her, but she prefers her too tiny trike. Maybe by the end of the summer!
 And here is our house from the front. I absolutely love it.
I am happy every day to be in this house.
I know we have been blessed!
Ty has been busy working on the yard. We had a lot of weeds and old plants to pull out so that we can put in some more grass. It will be beautiful soon!

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Jessica Newman said...

FUN! hooray for sunshine and playing outside!