Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday with the fam!

Ty and I had planned on taking the kids out for a special breakfast this morning just for fun. We rarely go out to eat and it is even more rare that we bring everyone along with us. I was looking forward to a relaxing morning that didn't involve me washing the dishes!
We got everyone dressed super warm! It snowed last night! In California! In April! It was just a dusting, but still!!!
We ate at this funny little country restaurant called the Farmhouse. It looks just like a big red barn. The kids all had pancakes, Ty had trout (it was so good the kids helped him eat most of it.), and I had raisin toast. I have never been a big breakfast eater. We are working on helping our kids have better manners. Max and Mia did great. Zackary tried very hard to be good, but couldn't resist wandering a bit, and crawling under the table, and stacking all of the creamers, and yelling very loudly No! Oh well. We still like him.
After breakfast we stopped by my parents house on the way to Costco. We just bought a freezer and we now have an income. It was Costco time. We bought apples, onions, juice, butter, macaroni and cheese, and chocolate covered acai berries. The kids tried every sample that was available. We should have skipped breakfast and gone straight to the store.
We think we will probably make it to Costco once a month and we want to make the breakfast outing a tradition as well.
 I so loved spending the morning out with my family. They are the best and I am very lucky to have them!

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