Friday, April 1, 2011

Newmans in the desert

 Ty's parents came rolling into town last night and this morning we headed into Palm Springs to spend the day at The Living Desert, a zoo dedicated to desert dwelling animals.
 Near the entrance is a giant model train set-up. It was really amazing.
 I think Zackary could have spent the entire day looking at these trains. He wanted to climb into the exhibit and experience everything first hand!
 After the trains we took Max and Mia to ride the camels. We had been talking about the camel rides at the Living Desert all week long and they were really looking forward to it.
 We thought that they might want to ride together, but they each wanted to ride alone. Max went first.

 The camel was named Gregory. He was very nice.
 Max did great!
 Mia was next. I loved watching her ride away in her pink sparkly top! Such a little Cleopatra.

Zack loved the petting zoo. Camels and zebras are great, but don't we all just want to pet a goat or two??

 We kept putting water in his hair to cool him down. His little face was bright red!
 There were giraffes.
 and ostriches. We got to see the ostrich eggs. You can feed 12 people with one ostrich egg. Would you eat an ostrich egg omelette?
 The kids loved this little hedgehog that they got to pet. He was cute and cuddly.
It was a great day! We all had a wonderful time and we want to go back again sometime next winter when the desert cools down a bit!

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Bingham Family said...

That looks like so much fun! I'll bet they had a great time on that camel ride!