Monday, April 11, 2011

A Few Things

My kids are loud. 
Mia loves the sound of her own voice. Sadly...Max does not. He yells at her to be quiet. He tells her that she is hurting his ears. Poor Mia. Poor Max.

I made some candied almonds from my Ad Hoc cookbook. They are delicious and are keeping me energized today.

My new neighbor is totally awesome. All day today she brought over clothes for Mia and Zac that her kids had outgrown. I love hand me downs! I want to do something for her. I think I will make her a batch of granola and put it in a pretty mason jar. That's what I do. I deliver baked goods.....
Also....the neighbor....I invited her to come to church with us. Her kids came over yesterday as we were all getting dressed for church and wanted to play. I told then we were on our way to church so we couldn't play. Later that day she told me that she wanted to start taking her family to church. She told me that they were catholic and had been looking around at different churches for a while. I was hesitant at first, because I was worried she would have a negative reaction, but I did it! I told her about our church. I told her about primary for the kids and that they were welcome to join us anytime. I felt really good about the invite and I think we can still be friends!


Bingham Family said...

Whoo hoo! Good job on the invite! Isn't it funny that we hesitate to share the thing that makes our lives the happiest?!? Well done Jessica!

Jessica Newman said...

you're awesome! -I totally agree with "Bingham Family's" comment!
p.s. what's your fav granola recipe? I have a couple I enjoy but still looking for a favorite