Monday, April 19, 2010

Here we go!

The weekend is over.
It included movie watching with friends, pizza, fish tacos, long walks, family time, a wonderful church meeting, and clean sheets on my bed!
It will be missed.
Time to jump back into reality!

Manic Monday To-Do-List:

clean bathrooms
clean closets
fold laundry
grocery shopping
buy makeup (I am no good at this, my sis in law recommended neutrogena so I will be giving that a try.)
plan FHE
make dinner
make treat for FHE
play with the kiddos
give Ty a kiss or two

not such a bad list :)


Bingham Family said...

Boo for to-do lists! I am going out to play instead of doing mine! My house is going to be a pig sty today... but the kids and I are going to get dirty in the garden and take walks, picnic, and maybe play in the water. :) Oh happy sunshine!

Jessica Newman said...

Annie! You crack me up! Maybe tomorrow I will say boo to my list and run wild and free!