Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I was out with the kids today and we were all starving! We had been running errands and had much more to do so I decided to stop for some lunch. We found a fabulous New York style pizza place in Hendersonville.
Knead Dough Pizzeria!
They sell huge slices! Max and Mia shared one slice.
Mia was very protective of her pizza.
Cheesy pizza grin Max!
I wasn't planning on feeding Zac pizza, but he couldn't get enough. He is going to be a football player!
I left feeling very happy that there were no dirty dishes to wash at home.

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Sheffeazy said...

These pictures are amazing! Now why am I awake and posting on your blog this late? FINALS!!!! For some reason Mia looks like a duck-tails duck to me in this picture!