Thursday, April 1, 2010

The First Hunt!

Today was the big Easter egg hunt at preschool.
The parents were invited to attend. Max's teachers knew I would be bringing Mia along so they invited her to bring a basket and hunt for eggs as well. She was so excited to be one of the big kids.
Max had no troubles and soon filled his little basket to the brim. ( I like to buy the small Easter baskets so that on Easter morning I only need a few goodies to make the basket seem full of fun.)

When the eggs had all been found the children sat in the shade and counted their loot! Mia opened all of her eggs right away to see what was inside.
Max was so good to Mia while she sat in as a member of the class. I was so glad they thought to include her. It was fun to see them get so excited. We are having another egg hunt at our house this Saturday, so we should have enough candy to last for a while!

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