Monday, August 27, 2012

A new week!

1. I am stocking the fridge and pantry today. I spent the morning chopping broccoli and washing berries. Later I am going to be baking up a big batch of THESE mini muffins for the kid's breakfasts and lunches.

2. My parents came over for dinner last night. We enjoyed THIS cake for dessert. The frosting was amazing! 

3. My laundry room is filled with items that need to make there way to D.I. Ty will be home tomorrow and I am hoping we can make a trip out that way. I love getting rid of things :)

4. I am signing Max up to take karate lessons. He has been wanting to give it a try for a long time. Classes start next month. 

5. For the past few weeks I have been adjusting to school schedules and potty training Zack. There has not been much creativity going on at home and I am ready to get back to some of the fun. 

6. Mondays sure do come fast!

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Jessica Newman said...

I LOVE dejunking and getting things shipped off to DI too -it's so liberating!