Monday, August 6, 2012

Homeless Family Members

My parents are homeless and so is my brother.

My parents sold their house and moved out before their new home was ready to be moved into. They are living in out of suitcases. They are staying with friends and occasionally with us! My brother was supposed to move into a new house with a group of his friends early last week, but the financing has not gone through and he is still waiting for the keys! He has been spending a lot of his days and his nights at our house while he waits to move in.

My kids are loving all of the special family time we are having. I am enjoying having a reason to cook a nice meal on nights that Ty works late.
It is working out well for us, but I know my parents and my brother are ready to be in their own homes.

It was not too long ago that Ty and I were in the same homeless situation! When Ty graduated from anesthesia school we were out of money and we had no where to live! We stayed with my parents while Ty started working and as we house hunted. It was so wonderful to find a place and make it our own. It was pretty great to start spending our own money too!

My poor family! I hope everything goes through soon. 

Until washer and dryer are here for them :)

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