Friday, August 24, 2012


 I wanted to go camping with Ty and the kids.
I wanted it to be super fun.
 We booked a night at Bogart Park in Cherry Valley.
 We did a little hiking and exploring.
 There was some sword fighting.
 I wanted to get a nice picture of our little campsite.
The kids were going to party in the big tent and Ty and I were going to cuddle in the smaller one.
 I planned a yummy dinner. We had curly dogs. We wrapped hot dogs in rhodes roll dough and roasted the whole thing over our campfire. They were a hit.
After dinner we played some games and watched a group of people ride by on their horses. We made our s'mores as the sun was setting.

We set the kids up in the kid tent with a movie. Ty and I sat up by the campfire with Zoey.
Then there was a bear. A large bear that wandered into camp. I was terrified. I wanted to get all of the kids in the car and drive away. Just as I was about to begin the exodus a car drove by and the headlights scared the bear away. Then Mia came out of her tent and threw up.

Then I decided to come home with the girls!
Zack had already fallen asleep and Max wanted to stay. Ty seemed unmoved by the bear incident so he stayed behind with the boys. I gave it a good try and I really enjoyed the whole evening in the wilderness with a fun campfire dinner, but I think the overnight part is overrated. I am going to sleep in my house where there are no bears.


Kate said...

You're a girl after my own heart, Jessica. Beds are ALWAYS more appealing than sleeping bags, in my opinion. I'm glad you guys had a fun evening up until the bear incident, however!

The Karrens said...

I totally agree, beds are much better. No pictures of the bear?

Jessica Newman said...

Jenna, We were worried the flash from the camera would make it angry!

Bingham Family said...

no way! Well you can sum that up as an adventure

Bingham Family said...
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Jessica Newman said...

WOW!! What an adventure! All my years of camping and I've yet to see a bear that is crazy!! -and a little scary!