Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This and That

1. The new school year is going great! Mia is loving kindergarten. She walks by herself to class. Her favorite snack to bring to school are peanut butter crackers.

2. Max loves school. He loves his friends. He is amazing too! (Max would eat cake and ice cream all day if I let him, but his school lunch includes his favorite bagel sandwich with ham and cheese!)

3. This week our little kindergarten car-pool began. There are 4 of us moms from church that have kids in kindergarten at the same school. We are each taking one week out of each month to pick up the kids from school. Next week is my week.

4. Zackary seems to be loving his time at home without the older kids. I think this is because he can freely play with their toys :)

5. Zoey is all cuddles. She loves her mommy. I love being her mommy :)

6. Ty and I went to Target yesterday and they were having a sale on t-shirts and camis for $5 a piece. I bought lots. It was fun.

7. Did you know that Trader Joe's chocolate chips are supplied by Ghiradelli??? No wonder I love them! They are cheaper than buying the Ghiradelli brand from the store as well....extra bonus ;)

Happy Tuesday!

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