Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Splash Pad

My brother and I took the kids to Victoria Gardens this morning for some splash play and shoe shopping.
 It was hot and the kids were ready to get wet.
 At least Max and Mia were ready.
Zac stood on the sidelines and watched for quite a while before he finally ventured in.
 The kids had a blast splashing around.
Zoey sat in the shade with Uncle Joel and ate crackers.
She was very happy!
After the water fun we did the shoe shopping. It was totally painless! Max and Mia picked out what they wanted. I approved. I picked out something for Zac. He approved. Now we are ready for school!
After shoes we played at the playground and had a little lunch. Before heading home we stopped at the candy store and picked out a few treats.
I love my little people and our little outings :)

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