Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Words I Live By

I have a couple favorite phrases that I love. I am able to apply them to many aspects of my life and I use them daily. 

They are:

"Something is better than nothing."

I think of this when I feel too tired to exercise or think that I have no time to clean. 10 minutes on the treadmill is better than nothing and 10 minutes with some 409 in a bathroom can yield amazing results. I also like this one when it comes to scripture study.


"No excuses."

This one is pretty self explanatory. I hate excuses. 

Do you have a mantra? Favorite phrase? etc....


{Erica} said...


Jessica Newman said...

That is hilarious!

Bingham Family said...

"When all you can do, is all you can do, then all you can do is enough." My mom always said that.

Jessica Newman said...

I like that one Annie!