Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Things

1. We are enjoying one of those perfect summer days. It has been warm and breezy. I have all of the windows open and we have been outside all afternoon.

2. We tried out a recipe for sidewalk chalk paint. It uses equal parts cornstarch and water and a little food coloring. I used 1 cup of both the cornstarch and water. I divided the mixture into 4 little cups and added 5 or 6 drops of food coloring to each. The kids painted the entire back patio!

3. I made vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookies today. I used coconut oil and a flax egg. They were totally yummy. I could be a happy vegan (who occasionally eats steak!).

4. We celebrated Father's Day last night because Ty was on call all weekend. He requested a roast with potatoes and carrots. Dessert was a blueberry crisp with ice cream. We got Ty a case of A&W root beer and lots of beef jerky, as well as some non-vegan chocolate chip cookies :)

5. I really love my front loading washer and dryer. If you are considering purchasing a new set, I highly recommend them!

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Jessica Newman said...

We used your chalk/paint recipe yesterday it was fabulous thanks!!